Synergistic Emergence In the 21st Century

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Wis•dom: an intelligent attitude, belief, or course of action
Par•a•digm: a model for being and acting in the world
Paradigm Nouveau: a fresh approach to our future

Paradigm Nouveau

It is common to look toward the future by projecting a path forward from our past. Paradigm Nouveau is founded on a different perspective—that of the future looking back to now. The distinction is subtle—yet profoundly important.

Looking back on our time from 200 years in the future, what would we see? With the wisdom of hindsight, how would we advise our fellow humans?

By standing in the future and looking back to now, we may employ resources and opportunities that lie ahead but may not even be imaginable from today’s perspective.

The Paradigm Nouveau approach requires creativity and courage. It opens up infinite possibilities for our planet and its people in these urgent times.

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