Synergistic Emergence In the 21st Century

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In the Press & News

For Paradigm Nouveau press releases, see Media Kit.

Here is a sampling of press coverage for recent Paradigm Nouveau initiatives plus projects we support:

Boulder, CO 3/25/08 — Ice Scientist Ted Scambos, Keynote Speaker for 2008 Global Warming Expo, Alerts World to Massive Ice Shelf Breakup in Antarctica

“…Even though they seem far away, changes in the polar regions could have an impact on both hemispheres, with sea level rise and changes in climate patterns,” said scientist Ted Scambos, who will keynote the April 3, 2008 Glboal Warming Expo in Boulder, CO. Click to read full article

Boulder, CO 4/5/07 – The Great Global Warming Expo, Kevin Hotaling. B-Lush

“…I was drawn in by the juxtaposition of entertainment and undiluted science… it touched both the heart of the matter and that of the audience.” Click to read full article.

Concord, NH 10/5/06 – Statehouse Switches to energy-efficient lightbulbs, Colin Manning. N.H. Statehouse

“…Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises, LLC, a Colorado-based company, is donating the compact fluorescent light bulbs as part of its New Light project.” Click to read full article.

Denver, CO 2/17/06 – Under the Dome: Bright Idea to save energy, Denver Post

“…the new compact flourescent bulbs, donated by Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises, save $89,950 during the bulbs’ lifetime.” Click to read full article.