Synergistic Emergence In the 21st Century

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Global Warming Expo

Paradigm Nouveau Enterprises produces public events to showcase grassroots efforts to meet climate change.

Our first gathering in Boulder, Colorado USA was the Global Warming Expo. 2008 was the second public experience, back by popular demand after its successful initiation in 2007.


What is a Global Warming Expo (GWE)?

The GWE is a cultural phenomenon that blends entertainment, art, science, business and politics. It creates a community event for individuals to meet and respond to global warming with inspiration and personal power. It’s also a great show!

The GWE is a registered commitment with the Clinton Global Initiative.

For more information on climate science we recommend clicking here to read about the latest findings.

See the Global Warming Expo on YouTube

The entire show can be seen in its various segments on Paradigm Nouveau’s YouTube channel, ParadigmNouveau1. Here are some sample clips. After you click to play, you can enhance the quality by clicking on the bottom right hand corner, and then select 480p:

To Participate as a Sponsor or Exhibitor

We are pleased to have had wonderful sponsors and exhibitors, including Whole Foods Market, Gaiam, Colorado Business Bank, Boulder Toyota, Namaste Solar and the CU Environmental Center.

If your organization would like to participate in future events, please contact us.