Synergistic Emergence In the 21st Century

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Clinton Global Initiative

Paradigm Nouveau is honored and humbled to be a member of this elite collaboration. Launched in 2005 by President Clinton as a non-partisan catalyst for action, CGI’s approximately 1,000 members are global leaders in all fields, unified by their commitments to addressing the world’s most pressing challenges.

CGI’s Annual Meeting brings together such influential people as Archbishop Tutu, Tom Brokaw, Dr. Jane Goodall, Al Gore, and Ted Turner plus leaders in such diverse fields as business, economics, politics, philanthropy, energy, environment, education, science, art, and entertainment.

Members of CGI make formal commitments to programs addressing issues in one of eight key focus areas: The Built Environment, Workforce Education Development, Energy & Ecosystems, Girls & Women, Global Health, Market-Based Approaches, Response & Resilience and Technology.

Rather than managing grants or donations, CGI serves as a dynamic marketplace, matching competent and influential people and institutions for high impact results. CGI fosters an integrated global community—an effective network dedicated to creating tangible results on our most pressing challenges.

Paradigm Nouveau and the CGI

Paradigm Nouveau’s 2010 project commitment is Sustainable Boulder by 2020 (SB2020), declaring that Boulder, Colorado will become authentically sustainable as a community by the year 2020. Paradigm Nouveau’s 2007-08 project commitment for the CGI was the Global Warming Expo, a first-of-its-kind event in Colorado that will be expanding into new markets in 2009. Paradigm Nouveau’s previous project commitments to CGI have included the New Light Project and The Climate Protection Manual for Cities. Paradigm Nouveau participates in CGI’s Annual Meetings, with a focus on Energy & Climate Change. Through CGI, Paradigm Nouveau makes valuable contacts in related fields, synchs our efforts with other organizations, and assures that we stay focused on tangible results from our projects and effective synergies between our partners. Please visit the official CGI website for more details or view our SB2020 commitment here.