Synergistic Emergence In the 21st Century

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Ac•tion: the bringing about of an alteration
Paradigm Nouveau is action oriented

Grassroots Action

Paradigm Nouveau is part of a global community spanning more than 100 countries, from individuals active in their own neighborhoods to those who speak on the world’s stage.

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Perhaps our most important mission is to serve as a springboard for your own action—for that which is resonant and meaningful for you. Below are samples of our own recent initiatives and projects with our partners. While here, we intend that you find inspiration to take (or continue) your own courageous leap into new paradigms!

Global Warming Expo

Hands-on events in Boulder, Colorado to build understanding, strengthen community, and inspire positive action. Click here to learn more.

New Light Project

Paradigm Nouveau is covering the cost of light bulbs to assure all 50 State Capitol buildings use energy-efficient compact fluorescent lighting! Click here for status and updates.

Climate Protection Manual for Cities

In partnership with Natural Capitalism Solutions, we’re helping city governments make better decisions for the environment. Learn more from the NCS website.

Links to Resources

The abundance of information available on the web can be daunting or even misleading. We seek to filter out all but the most reliable and timely resources available. For our list of the 100 top climate change websites, please click here.

Yoga Classes

The healing of the world begins within each one of us. Paradigm Nouveau hosts workshops at Boulder’s finest yoga studio. Learn more here.

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