Synergistic Emergence In the 21st Century

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Our Mission:

Paradigm Nouveau Foundation is heralding a synergy of unprecedented performance and productivity for the 21st century, using the best of arts & sciences, business and humanitarian efforts, for the stewardship of the planet and the refinement of its people.

Who We Are as an Organization:

Paradigm Nouveau Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit charity, is a transformational organization dedicated to sustainability for future generations. We meet the challenges of climate and economic crisis with grassroots and community-based approaches. We develop successful models that can be replicated in and around the world.


Audrey James is the founder & CEO of Paradigm Nouveau Foundation. She has a 30 year background in transformational education and humanitarian efforts, and is a 6-year member of the Clinton Global Initiative. It was Audrey’s vibrant vision for the future that seeded Paradigm Nouveau and it is her boundless energy and enthusiasm that provides the water and light to keep it growing. Audrey also serves as lead instructor for the PN Yoga Studio. Contact:
beth1 Beth Ricciardi is Creative Director for Paradigm Nouveau and sister organizations. Contact:
ben Ben Kennedy is our Webmaster. Contact:


dave-1654cweb4 Dave Logan, Associate Dean and Executive Director of Executive Development, and Associate Professor of Clinical, at USC’s Marshall School of Business. Co-founder and senior partner at CultureSync, New York Times #1 author of four books, consultant to three dozen Fortune 500 companies, and PhD in organizational communication from the Annenberg School at USC.
Will Toorserves as the director of the transportation program at the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP). Prior to working at SWEEP, Will was elected to the Board of County Commissioners of Boulder County, Colorado in 2004, and was re-elected in 2008. Will spearheaded the effort to create and adopt a countywide Sustainable Energy Plan, the BuildSmart green building code, the EnergySmart program, and the ClimateSmart Loan Program. Prior to being elected County Commissioner, Will served as Mayor of Boulder, Colorado from 1998-2004.
placeholder Nick Forster, Founder, host and CEO of etown, a weekly national radio show committed to cultural and natural resources. He began his career as a professional musician more than 30 years ago. He was a founding member of the world renowned bluegrass band, Hot Rize, and continues as a record Producer, session musician, touring sideman, and as leader of the highly respected eTown house band, the etones.


Helen Helen Forster, Co-host and co-executive producer of etown, a weekly national radio show committed to cultural and natural resources.
Brian Brian Regnier, Landmark Forum Leader and principal designer of the programs of the Landmark Wisdom Course Area.
bruceo2 Bruce Oreck, US Ambassador to Finland, Business entrepreneur and Founder, Zero Carbon Initiative.
scambos_ted2 Ted Scambos, Lead Scientist for the National Snow and Ice Data Center Science Team.
Jim Jim LaVita, PhD., Professor of Social Sciences at University of Denver, co-Director of 3rd Law Dance Theater.